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Estou preso na tela do grub

Cauã A. E. Santo

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Jun 14, 2022
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There was a problem with my notebook that made me reinstall Fedora 35 on it. I put the bootable flash drive and the process begun. Everything went well in the first steps, until the installation itself went wrong. I believe I have done something wrong in the configuration of the partitions, when separating them. Now I can't get out of that way, and I've already watched several methods of solving this problem, which didn't give me a precise resolution, just a notion of what to do.

I understand that I have to find out my kernel version (vmlinuz) and my initrd version on one of my partitions, what I haven't found out yet.

The most promissory partition is (hd0,gpt3), where my root/ directory is. In it is the boot/ directory, which doesn't show me anything when I press Enter, grub just jumps two lines and it stays inside the root/ directory.

In this partition, the single directories that contained the most files are bin/, lib6/, lib64/ and sbin/. These have a bunch of files, which I don't even think might be useful, but I don't even know how to read them.

I will be forever grateful to anyone who can help me!


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May 14, 2021
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Hello @Cauã A. E. Santo,
Welcome to the forum.
It is the policy of this forum to keep everything in English so please go to DeepL translator
And tranlate your post to English and repost. I'm sorry I can not be of much help to you with Fedora but there are several members here that use Fedora and should be able to help. It may take awhile since member are spread over many time zones.
Good luck.
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