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Don Bruce

I am running Ubuntu 16.4LTS AMD64.

When I installed the system I made the Linux partition only 25 gig (mistake, I know but thats done.) Now I want to resize the partitions and G-Parted won't let me.

I get this message for the windows NTFS partition, and I can't resize it.
=================G-parted message=============
Unable to read the contents of this file system!
Because of this some operations may be unavailable.
The cause might be a missing software package.
The following list of software packages is required for ntfs file system support: ntfs-3g / ntfsprogs.
================End G-parted message=============

All the requested files have been installed. Here are the screen shots:


Any suggestions on how to fix this? (I need the windows partition and can't lose ANY data on that partition. It is for work related programs/data and I can't use wine.)



Hi Don, and welcome to the forum!

Seriously, if you start resizing partitions, you could lose data. You should be very careful and backup important stuff before you make any attempts to modify anything.

Then, the best way (probably) is to run Windows, defrag the Windows drive first, then use the Disk Management tool to "shrink" the Windows partition how ever much you can, or how much you want. Sometimes it will not shrink much. Don't format the free space that is created. Instead, then go back to Linux and try GParted again. The free space must be "adjacent" to the Linux partition to then expand into that space. If it's not adjacent, then this will still not work, and you'll probably have to reinstall everything from scratch.

I don't think you'll need ntfs-3g / ntfsprogs if the above method works, but you don't want to resize Windows from GParted anyway. You really have no idea what data you may destroy if you do that.



I experienced that weird problem, it relates to how modern versions of Windows shut down the system or reboot it for that matter.

Take a look at how that partition is (not) reading. It's locked.

First of all, back up data you may not want to lose as partitioning software would warn you. I once offered a guy advice without mentioning backups and a backlash rose on I just assume people are smart and will follow good sense (like onscreen warnings). Regardless, I always repeat it like a parrot ever since. Don't mind me, you're certainly aware of the importance of your data.

Partition managers work alike, no matter the OS, but I'd pick anything Linux for resizing as it actually supports more file systems when not them all.

Given that NTFS supporting packages are generally preloaded on modern Linux distributions, you can use gparted to do what you want. Just get that partition accessible as described below (Windows is needed for that unfortunately):

Perform a full Windows shutdown, that's the only way that partition will become accessible from another OS.

By default, W8/10 hibernates (saves RAM to disk and locks windows partition) instead of properly shutting down/rebooting. It's all for the sake of the so-called "hybrid boot", helping make fast boot technology even faster, but for some reason the Windows partition becomes inaccessible from other operating systems as a downside. Windows 7 can also do that but not by default.

I just don't get the partition lock as W8/10 would only take a bit longer to boot if the hybrid boot hibernation file were corrupt or deleted. It wouldn't wreck the system at all. MS seems to enjoy making things difficult for Linux users in spite of its supposed fresh love for Linux.

Here's how to do it. From Windows 8/10, run CMD as admin and try one of these commands:
shutdown /s /t 0
shutdown /s /f /t 0
shutdown /r /f /t 0
The last one will reboot it while the previous will shut it down.

After you shutdown/reboot, make sure you get into Linux, otherwise you'll have to use that command again.

If those commands happen not to work or if you often need to access your Windows partition from Linux, you could turn hibernation off on advanced power settings as a last resort:
That guide is meant for W10 but settings should be similar on W8.

Good luck!
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Don Bruce

Atanere, I know, backed everything.

Yesyesloud, Thanks, fixed it.

Everything works fine, didn't need the back up, but it was good to know it was there.
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