ftp 553 error ?



Hey everyone !
im new to linux and everything called server in general, just a home web devoloper taht needed his own server.

Since i never used linux before i have used google as my friend
I have followed howtoforge.com/perfect-server-debian-squeeze-debian-6.0-with-bind-dovecot-and-nginx-ispconfig-3]The Perfect Server - Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0) With BIND, Dovecot & Nginx [ISPConfig 3] | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials guide and now im stuck, i cant access my sever from dreamweaver.

It can't create the files when i upload them to the server (get a FTP access deined 553 error, cant create file etc.) but when i press "test ftp" and dont wright anything in the root directory it says that its working until i try to upload files to the server,my guess all along has been to chown the web1 user ( my Uid in ispconf to ftp user) but it already is the owner of that file or that there is something wrong with pureftpd? (saw somewhere that pureftp should have a .conf file, but i dont have any just a file with other conf to mysql and so on) so i cant figure out why i cant get access. Since im using my lan ip to connect from my computer to the server is that an isssue?

Dont know much about linux so please if u explain something, wright what i should do so i dont have to google all the commands

Been stuck with this for 3days and cant figure it out

According to error its clear that its permissions or ownership issue. First of all check that the user (that you are using to access ftp) have permissions to wirte on that directory, where you are trying to upload.

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