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Apr 30, 2017
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This Thread constitutes both a “heads up” to users of Gecko Linux, and is also partially a support question for our own Member, maintainer of Gecko Linux and Spiral, @GeckoLinux .

The warning as best I can tell only applies to users of Gecko Tumbleweeds Cinnamon, not other versions, nor desktop environments.

5 or 6 days ago at time of writing, openSUSE made available updates that can trash your desktop. You may get as far as the desktop session, but then only have minimal functions available to you (opening Terminal, for instance).

For a little background on this, you can take a read of

but bear in mind that I have found no success so far with any workarounds, including those linked to in the thread at openSUSE.

I am inclined to agree with the Administrator there (wonderful avatar of Oscar the Grouch) who says

...looks like the Mesa update borked lots of packages, need to wait for the fallout to settle and mesa:drivers build…​

Translation – wait a dew days, maybe weeks, before you update again.

If you do decide to go ahead and try updating, I would advocate having your backup/restore solution current, whether that be Snapper, Timeshift, BackInTime or other.

I am going to pin this Thread for now, so that it is more noticeable, and I am hopeful that Sam will swing by with any news or thoughts that he has for us.


Chris Turner

BTW Remember that this is an upstream problem with openSUSE, not the fault of Gecko, which is a wonderful product.

Always welcome, Sam - keep up the good work, and please keep us posted ;)

I should have posted some weeks ago to say that this issue was resolved, and that my Cinnamon Gecko works fine now.

That being said, further searching on my part indicates that openSUSE have been saying for quite some time that they were looking to drop support for Cinnamon, so there may be repercussions in the future, but for now I am marking this as solved.



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