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Granny Sue

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Oct 18, 2019
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Hi all you really smart guys. I have looked and looked and cannot find where Linux Mate is hiding my downloads. (This should come as no surprise to me, I can never find my downloads, no matter what device I'm using.) Can some kind person help me out, here?

Thanks in advance, Granny Sue

Hi Granny Sue!
Might I ask which browser you are using?
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Clicking on the "Folder icon" (your file manager) in the left side of your panel (taskbar)... it should open up and show you many folders on the left side of the window. These are Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, and so on.... including Downloads. Click that, and look in the right-side pane for your files. This is the normal location.

Also in your File Manager, there is a magnifying glass icon and/or search box. I don't have Mint MATE running right now to say exactly what it looks like. But if you find this and search for what you downloaded, then it will dig through your hard drive to find it. But it will likely find many other things too, so you'll have to look through the output carefully to spot it. The more exact you can be with your search terms will help. When you see what you're looking for, it will also show the location. :D

Or....Charlie had it right when he asked you which browser you are using.

If you are using Firefox, you can alter the place that your downloads are sent to.

By default, Downloads are sent to the downloads folder (as atanere said)

However, if you open the menu for firefox,
...up in the top right hand corner of the page....and then select Preferences......start typing downloads into the search box at the will see the option to change where downloads are saved to......or you can even select to choose where to save them each time.

I elect to save mine to desktop....mainly because I have two monitors, so there is lots of space, to save the many downloads that I have. I tidy them up after I have used them.


Hope this gives you a further option.
Hey Sue, on top of what Brian said above - the
icon is called a hamburger icon/menu for obvious reasons.

Click it and choose Customise, and on the screen that it goes to near bottom left, choose as my snapshot shows and check Menu Bar and Bookmarks.


After the Menu Bar is visible, you can go to Tools - Downloads and see where Downloads are going to

Hello everyone,
I use the Vivaldi browser most of the time. It has a few things that suit me better than others. One is where the downloads show up.
On the left side of the screen is a panel that shows bookmarks, downloads, notes, history, and you can add more panels if you like. Also, you can hide the panel if you


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You fellas are great! I have both Vivaldi and Firefox, but I prefer Firefox - a little less techy and fewer decisions for the decision-phobe to deal with. :eek: And I found the documents and downloads files quite by accident before I saw these answers. That's how I usually fine my downloads - quite by accident. (Would you believe I used to be an intelligent administrative assistant to a director?)
Still intelligent girl, and thanks for the beer, I am drinking it now, to your health :p