Halloween Themes for Ubuntu 18.04

Eddie Paul Litz

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Apr 30, 2018
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Can you guys help me find Halloween themes for Ubuntu 18.04 Including both Icons & Backgrounds please?

Do you mean like this, Eddie?


Nice one, poorguy :)

Haven't looked into the icons.

Wizard out of here :D
I would like a Halloween theme that can change the entire look of my Ubuntu just like in this video>
Are there any Halloween themes out there that can still do that?
Eddie you have the same question open at the same time here


... and you have received a response which also points to gnome-look.org, as featured in your video.

The URLs (addresses) contained in the video are still in existence, although one was timed out on me.

Please do not confuse us with having threads open at multiple forums.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

I was only using Halloween wallpaper but for some reason it caused the chrome background icons & the Firefox background runner icon to not show but when I switched the wallpaper back to the default wallpaper they were showing again. Any solutions?
When using the the Unity Desktop, they don't disappear. I wonder why it happens when using the Gnome desktop though?

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