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Hello there, i am new to the linux system and i want to become a expert at this. I find computers interesting; so i decide to take up study cyber security in college. Just start i know nothing about what i am getting into but that is the fun of the art for me. I will continue my journey into the technical world and become a expert one-day.

Everything we have has some kind of technology application running it. This will be fun adventurous and hard road but if i can get some tips along the way (secret; everybody has one lol) than i should be good to go long as i can keep a open chat going with someone on here i would appreciate it.

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Welcome to the group, mate! There are a whole HockeySock (that is a really big sock) full of tutorials here to peruse. It should keep you busy for a while, and let the journey begin! Just remember to have fun, and sniff the flowers, on the way.:):D
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