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................I'm your newest pain in the a--.
I downloaded LinuxCNC about a year ago to an old e-machines that I no longer used. Wiped out Windows completely so now it's a Linux machine. I only us it to run my CNC router and that worked perfectly right out of the box. I know very little about Linux but I do have years computer experience. I go back to the the Vic 20 and C 64. I dabbled a bit in 6502 assembly. I did a lot of programming in MS quick basic. I still use the current version called QB64. I think I can get used to Linux with some time. I was well versed in MS DOS which has similarities to the Linux terminal emulator.

I Live in Long Beach, CA and I build guitars and a few other things using the router.
I hope I won't live up to my introduction too much but I got started on trying to file share and I'm not doing well. That's another thread in the Network sub forum.


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Howdy @Borg ! What kind of guitars do you build?


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G'day Borg and welcome to linux.org from a DownUnder PITA

Chris Turner


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G'day Borg
Welcome to the community.
The only pain in the derriere is someone that asks for advice and doesn't follow the advice given.

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