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Mar 11, 2024
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I used to use hex editors much more often. Not to edit, but to view all the non-printable characters. I still try this with bvi but at one point, one of the editors showed the corresponding cursor location from hex to ascii. It was nice!

I tried bvi, then I downloaded the source for the newest one, and tried that, I tried hexer. I put the pager back to less (I was using nvim). Anyone know which cli hex editor/viewer will do that and/or if it's one I'm using is it a compilation flag on one of them?

I would really like to go back to that because it was the easiest way!

It seems both hexedit and hexcursor do this. From the basic apt install on my ubuntu hex edit seems to just bold were you are in the Ascii when moving through the hex. hexcursor uses an underline (again on mine). At some point, I need to see if those "highlights" are configurable. I miss seeing a full on cursor or what looked like one before. It may have been the version, terminal emulator, and/or a configuration open.

LMK if anyone knows offhand, I've rabbit-holed enough today!
Ok found it ;P

hexedit --color is what I was looking for. Now to alias ;)
In case anyone ends up reading this thread due to thread title, ImHex is very good hex editor:

yes, my use case is extremely limited, currently, so I have no idea what's better on a wider scope. I will try ImHex ;)
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