Home media server that allows web access with password?


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Sep 4, 2022
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I have video clips that I want to share with family and friends

over the internet.

I’m not talking about streaming, just file transfer only.

The ideal setup for me would be having an old laptop

running the latest Linux Mint distro that I could leave

on 24/7 to allow access to these files.

When I have a new file to share I would just send an email

link to it and have the recipient input a password when

they click on it. This way, they don’t have to log onto

a server and navigate storage directories to find the file.

So, each time I have a new file to share, I would just send

them a new link.

I’m not interested in using YouTube; whereas, I have a one gig

fiber connection with unlimited bandwidth, so I mise well use it.

I would like to keep this as simple as possible.

Any suggestions?

nextcloud is probably your best option which you can host yourself.
If you want truly basic, you can probably use .htaccess to password protect a directory and then just share direct URLs. Anyone without the exact URL wouldn't be able to view the directory as an index.

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