How can I keep Ubuntu settings valid for the entire machine?


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May 10, 2019
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Hi, I accessed the system using an admin account and I changed some system settings like screen blocking time, but when I access through an other account these settings are lost, and there are other default settings.
How can I keep my configuration valid also for other accounts?

Hi @s213366, and welcome.

I don't think there is any standard way of doing this.... after the fact. You might Google up info on /etc/skel to see if that would be useful for all new users to inherit certain settings, but it doesn't retroactively change existing users settings. I'm guessing you'll have to do something like this:

1) Identify config files that you've changed that you want to pass on to other users.
2) Copy those config files to each new user.
3) Possibly change ownership and permissions of the files that you copy.

That's all pretty klutzy though. Once you figure it all out, you could probably make it a bit easier with some scripting, but it sounds like it might be an ever-changing project.


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