How do I set my account to "Ignore" the entire TuxBot subforum?


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Dec 12, 2022
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How do I set my account to "Ignore" the entire TuxBot subforum when I click on "What's new -> New posts" ?

I have grown weary of reading TuxBot threads. I stopped contributing to threads where TuxBot insists on replying to every post I write, such as the threads in the TuxBot subforum.

Frankly, the TuxBot subforum threads read like "first tier customer support chat conversations" on websites. I have no interest. I am not interested in hanging around if a signficant percentage of new threads are TuxBot chats.

I have nothing against TuxBot per se. In my opinion, it should appear only on when specifically invited with a special tag, and only for posts with the tag. For ongoing chat-type support as it is being used here, I would prefer a separate website. This is one person's opinion in a public forum with many members. I respect others whose opinions may differ.

Not a lot of good news, I am afraid.

For nearly all Members, if you call up a Member in our Members subforum, you can choose to ignore them.

Not so with Staff Members (for obvious reasons), and TuxBot is currently categorised as Staff.

You can go to the Ask Tuxbot subforum, and if the option is provided, choose Unwatch


and that should stop you receiving notifications in your email, and in the Notifications option on this Forum.

However it may not exclude its Posts from the "What's new" page.

If it can be effected to change his category away from Staff, you could ignore him.

With the following mention I am flagging @Rob to look into this and let us know.

To be clear, I do not want to avoid or ignore TuxBot itself, but the only the full threads where TuxBot cannot be turned off and keeps responding to every post. Speaking for myself, I did not join to read transcripts of user chats with an automated bot. Those are the threads I would like to hide from New Posts.

In my opinion, the website would be better if TuxBot would respond only when called upon through a tag or other indication in a given post. TuxBot succeeds because it has a much higher "hit" ratio of correct responses, but sometimes its responses are old, incomplete, or inaccurate. Over time it will degrade the chances of finding quality answers at
Does TuxBot respond to all posts or just posts where TuxBot is invited or specifically asked a question.

Disappeared in mid-stream....

Someone was just saying that Grub wasn't installing from a LiveCD, but the thread suddenly disappeared.

I just re-installed WattOS from a LiveCD. Grub wasn't installing. It did when the LiveCD connected with WiFi and then the install was run.
Does TuxBot respond to all posts or just posts where TuxBot is invited or specifically asked a question.
Just in the tuxbot forum and mayyyybe in the Kali forum if he's requested. Actually, i just figured out how to make him not show up in 'new posts' so let me turn him back on and try that.
In your first post, you "called" tuxbot by entering the @ symbol followed by tux bot....

that will bring him to the topic and he will not go away as long as questions/answers are being type in.

hope that makes sense.

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