How much longer...How much more is it going to take?

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May 8, 2021
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Last year in late May I was going through a divorce. I had a couple of weeks before the next step. I decided to work on moving over to Linux.

  • I downloaded LM. It took a lot of time to finally figure out how to verify the copy of Linux Mint I downloaded. The Giant did things to make that exceedingly difficult. After trying every tutorial on the internet, I finally figured hot to do it. Of course that meant finding a way around the obstacles.
  • I finally got that done. I wanted to install Linux in a virtual machine on the Windows desktop. I downloaded VM. It wasn't fully functional. The giant had issues because it didn't have a digital signature. The way around that was to change default settings. That has to be done in Group Policy Settings. But wouldn't you know, I'm not considered a member of that group. I own the hardware and the software, but I'm not a member of this elite group.I found a fix for that. By then I had to get back to that business of divorce. I had to put Linux on hold again.
  • The divorce was final in mid-August. I picked up my project again.
  • But then more things happened.
  • And then I went back to work.
  • Other things happened.
  • January 18th was the final straw. I didn't care that I was starting a new job in two days. I'm almost convinced that the Giant was intentionally causing problems maybe the drivers, I can't say for sure. After booting into Windows, the graphics were fuzzy. I turned off the PC. Then there were lines on my screen. It wasn't the ribbons in the monitor. I've had that problem more than once. This was different.
  • I went into UEFI to change the boot menu settings. Curiously, while I was there, there were no problems with my monitor, at all. I booted into live LM. Again, zero problems with my monitor. I planned to install Linux Mint on my second hard drive in my tower the next morning.
  • The next morning I turned on my PC and the monitor was completely black. The computer was on. I checked cables, made sure everything was connected. After rebooting it was still completely black.
  • So I got out my dead ex-father in law's laptop that was left here. Booted into live Linux.
  • There were problems trying to install Linux from the desktop. Couldn't be done.
  • On a hunch, I did an OEM install. That worked. Then graphics issues and the screen blinking out. Wizardfromoz was trying to help figure that one out.
  • Then one day I noticed that the hard drive is in imminent failure.
  • I got out the laptop my ex left behind.
  • I couldn't install LM, not from the desktop, not with an OEM install. Again, Wizardfromoz tried to help.
  • Then I found out one of the partitions is bad.
  • Reformatting it can't be done.
  • I would wipe it, but Last Option doesn't have a CD drive.
  • So I used the other laptop to try to burn DBan to a USB drive so I could wipe the hard drive on Last Option.
  • That didn't work out either
I've been making serious efforts to move over to Linux since May 27th of last year. 10 months.

So what I want to know is this.

How much longer and how much more is it going to take before I can get a fully functional installation of Linux Mint running on a fully functional machine?
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If all else fails you can do this...
or this...

Just be careful this doesn't happen...

So you need a new hard drive?
So you need a new hard drive?
You know, as of right now, I have no idea what I need!
I have a couple of extra drives. They would have to be external, they wouldn't fit in this laptop. I don't wan to put money into this one though. 2 Lenovos, both have issues with the hard drives.

Hopefully it won't be much longer before I can get my ASUS up and running again.
I have learned A LOT though!
If it were me and I saw...Bad Sector or HDD failure is Imminent...I wouldn't walk I'd run and get a new SSD not another HDD right away before it's too late.

SSDs are faster more reliable and fit in both Laptop and Tower.
So it's been a few days since I was here. I thought I'd leave an update. I'm still using my tablet. An Android keyboard is a pain to type on so this will be short.


  • I have not reunited with the Giant.
  • I have not forgiven the Giant.
  • I will never go back to the Giant.
  • I've put up with far too much abuse and deception to consider that.
Issues outside of my Linux journey have escalated. Now I really need a computer. Rest assured I will be back soon, atleast  I think I will. Given my topsy-turvy for the last 1 1/2 years, I've learned that my plans could upturned at any moment.

I finally got a paycheck for more 1/2 a pay period. It would be more if I could actually get to work everyday. It will have to do.

So I have to have something that passes for a computer. I'm not going to bother with either of the Lenovos, or any other Lenovo for that matter ever. I found my old Compaq laptop. It turns on. I can boot into Windows Vista.
... I posted links to old Apple vs. Vista commercials. If you haven't seen them, look it up on YouTube. Vista is horrible! ...
The Compaq gets VERY HOT AND VERY QUICKLY! It hasn't been used since maybe 2010? I'm going to open it up. If it's an easy fix, like cleaning and replacing conductive heat paste...
(Thanks again to Condobloke for telling me the proper name)... IIf it's easy, doesn't take much time I'll move forward with the laptop.
There might be another laptop somewhere. I'm not going to spend much time looking for it.
If either laptop works out, I'll get an external drive.
If they don't, I'll go with a super cheap tower or laptop. Maybe an external drive too. We'll see.

About that Newbie article...

I will definitely have more than enough experience to cheer someone, encourage them to keep going. I can say for sure and despite the short time I had a full install it's worth it.
I have a ssd here that could join it.

If I could throw it that far....I would.

(and if i had enough moolah to replace it, would certainly help)

Not to worry.

Onward & Upward.
If it were me and I saw...Bad Sector or HDD failure is Imminent...I wouldn't walk I'd run and get a new SSD not another HDD right away before it's too late.

SSDs are faster more reliable and fit in both Laptop and Tower.
This reply is super late...

Installing a new drive is a no go too. I can't into UEFI. The bigger issue now is they both went into the trash!
I didn’t buy a super cheap laptop or tower.

I picked this at a gamer store, refurbished. It cost me less than a super cheap laptop or tower.

This morning I was indiscriminately pulling out cables and ribbons to the HDD's in my tower. Usually when I do this sort of thing I take pictures in case I forget where everything goes. Well I didnt and I did. I have to get the manual now so I can put them back correctly.

Right now I'm too tired to do it.

I think I'll have a cookie now.


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