How to install linux mint 16 from flashdrive?


Dhiraj Patil

Hey there,

I am trying to install linux mint 16 from need help about installation and partition. Now, I am using windows 8. And plus I want review about lint 16. is it good or not?

Can I use mint 16 without installing it on PC by just running through flashdrive? If yes then tell me procedure.

plz help.



You should use version 17. It just came out and will be supported until 2017.

Yes, you can just run it live off a USB drive. What you should do is download the Mint 17 ISO and use Linux Live USB creator available here:
this program will put Mint onto the USB drive. From here you can reboot with the USB inserted and if the UEFI is setup properly you should automatically boot Mint. But there are two problems you might face. One is secure boot, the other is UEFI not booting USB drives.

Here is an article about disabling secure boot:
and an article about setting the USB drive as the default boot device:

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