How to install, setup, and then boot, Linux Mint, through caddy SSD?


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Jun 25, 2019
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Hello Friends

++ I have already completed the step of downloading Linux Mint ISO, on my laptop (of windows 7), and burning it on DVDs and USB flashes.
++ Now, I have the following questions please:-
1 – how to prepare a SSD, in a caddy (placed instead of the DVD driver), to be used as a secondary OS?
2 - how to setup linux mint on this SSD in caddy, in a laptop that already pre-installed with windows 7, to be used as a secondary booting OS, beside Windows 7?
++ In fact, it is not easy to partition the internal drives, in windows 7, because of the immovable files. Windows 7 refuses to shrink the partitions of the HDD, because of these immovable files, and it is risky to enforce windows to do that!
++ So, we can’t safely create a new suitable partition, to install Linux on it!
++ Because of these difficulties, it may be more safe to let the internal HDD as it is, and install Linux on a SSD, through USB, or through Caddy adaptor, placed instead of the DVD driver. But may be it is better on Caddy!

Many thanks in advance for every help.
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