HP ENVY 17'' PC portable - 17-ch1017nb - Azerty


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Jun 24, 2023
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Do you think this portable of HP is compatible for Linux (Ubuntu) ?
Has somebody any experience with this Laptop ?
It is very difficult to find something for LInux and if you make an error...

HP ENVY 17'' PC portable - 17-ch1017nb - Azerty​

Thanks by advance...

It is very difficult to find something for LInux
Linux will run on almost any computer with a 64 bit CPU some may need a little more work to install drivers for specific components, but it can be done, with over 500 desktop Linux builds you have plenty of choice if Ubuntu gives you problems
OK but I just bought a medion PC that I sent back because it was impossible to install Linux (no detection of the USB key, blocked for Windows) and I would like to avoid repeating this painful experience... It's why i would like to have a feedback of experiences on HP ENVY PCs if anyone has already tried...
I doubt it was the Medallion PC at fault, as Medallion is owned by Lenovo, one of the friendliest Linux manufacturers,
If new to Linux it was probably the method you used, from later Wind 8 and onwards machines there are steps you need to take before you install Linux [see my basic how do I guide ..link below] also see https://www.linux.org/threads/how-do-i-try-linux.45037/

Oh! And Welcome to the forums.
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Just a heads up for Helpers - the AZERTY keyboard is one used by the French and Belgians.

Welcome @henryii

Chris Turner
With modern equipment we have to deal with secure boot, etc, & it can be tricky (for some of us older users to get our heads around), but we usually manage, in the end.... ;)
Ok now I have a few minutes spare, you have not told us what experience you have using/installing GNU-Linux distributions, or how you are trying to install it, so...
1] choose your distribution [make sure its an AMD-64 version]
2] make your Bootable ISO using Balena etcher
if you are installing direct to the SSD either as a clean [Linux only] or multi-boot [keeping windows]
3] disable both windows fast-boot [quick-start] and Secure boot [both normally found in the BIOS]
if you choose to use a V/M or WSL you will not have to do stage 3. But follow the instructions carefully for your VM
now back to installing to your SSD
If you are not Linux experienced, do not try to re-partition the SSD yourself, most distributions will give you the option to either do a full clean install [which will completely wipe your windows ] or install alongside as a multi boot, whichever you select the installer on most distributions will do this automatically for you,
DO NOT be disheartened if Wi-Fi/Graphics etc do not work out of the box, in many instances you will need to install propriotry drivers, [one of us will be able to assist you to find and install them]

There are very few 64 bit computers that you cannot install GNU-Linux on, you may just have to adapt the method.
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Hello everyone... Thank you for your support, it's a good forum here...
Many thanks for your welcome...

Yes, what happened with the medion PC is the first time it's happened to me...
But I found on the Internet that I'm not the only one with this problem... There is no solution.
The PC does not (never) detect the USB key at boot, the setup is special and completely unmodifiable...
I have been using Linux for 25 years, I made tens of installations and today, Uefi, Secure Boot and the special chip for Windows are in my opinion of the tools put of the consequences of the new practices of WIndows and the manufacturers...

Now I am looking for another machine and the bad experience with Medion has shown me the risk of buying any computer...
It is impossible to try Linux on a machine at the store and the computers sold with Linux pre-installed are (very) expensive here...
That's why I'm looking for other people's experience with HP...

Everyone uses Windows here... I never will but I find it much more difficult than before...
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I use an HP G62 laptop, & some HP T520 thin clients, re purposed as desktops, I've run various distros on them, & even some other Operating Systems, all have worked for me, but these are 'old' machines, not new.

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