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Hi everybody.

I am up to update my hardware. I am mostly a music composer, and I've been using Linux in the past 3 years with multiple problems, but I was able to device a solution most of the times. Now, that I am upgrading to a mid-level computer, I am unsure whether I should move towards a MAC (to be well synced with other colleagues and the majority of professional software in my field), or stay attached to my dear Ubuntu OS.

For the Linux path, I was wondering whether the HP Pavillon 14-DH1008NL (for the 2-1 touchscreen option) has hardware compatible with the Linux distributions. Do you know that? How can I check the compatibility when looking for a PC to buy?
Also, is the touchscreen supported in Linux and does it work well?

Otherwise, second option is the Star Labtop, which however looks a little less powerful, and has no touch screen.

(If you had other options to suggest in the range 700-1000 euros, that would be awesome).



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If you're doing something with music you'll want more than 2 USB ports - ideally 4, but 3 will work. Built-in Bluetooth is essential.

The max RAM should be at least 16 GB, but the more you have the better. I have a laptop with 32 GB and I no longer need to worry about running multiple applications, having too many tabs open in a browser, or slow compilation.

More cores/processes and a faster clockrate is better.


The HP has 3 USB ports, the Star has 4 and some other goodies. One point for the Star.

The HP has 16 GB max RAM - it comes with one stick of 8GB DDR4, so buying another is cheap and easy. I don't know what the Star's max RAM or baseline is, so that's up to you to figure out. I'd email or contact the manufacturer, but looking at the picture below from the disassembly guide it seems like the RAM is screwed or soldered in so you may be out of luck.

The Star has a slightly better CPU.


If you can find a way to upgrade the Star to 16 GB or more of RAM, I'd go with it. Otherwise I'd look around for another Linux laptop with the same specs but more RAM.

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