HP Pavillon 14-DH1008NL


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Hi everybody.

I am up to update my hardware. I am mostly a music composer, and I've been using Linux in the past 3 years with multiple problems, but I was able to device a solution most of the times. Now, that I am upgrading to a mid-level computer, I am unsure whether I should move towards a MAC (to be well synced with other colleagues and the majority of professional software in my field), or stay attached to my dear Ubuntu OS.

For the Linux path, I was wondering whether the HP Pavillon 14-DH1008NL (for the 2-1 touchscreen option) has hardware compatible with the Linux distributions. Do you know that? How can I check the compatibility when looking for a PC to buy?
Also, is the touchscreen supported in Linux and does it work well?

Otherwise, second option is the Star Labtop, which however looks a little less powerful, and has no touch screen.

(If you had other options to suggest in the range 700-1000 euros, that would be awesome).


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