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I was wondering how I can use Linux to keep from being traced by anyone.

You see, my family is being stalked and we have to relocate.

We would like to keep all of our online accounts & emails if we can, but are afraid we will be tracked either by the stalker, a private investigator, or possibly a law enforcement 'friend'.

We whistle blowed on him and he can face many millions of dollars in fines and decades in prison. We are certain he will want to harm us and have some evidence he is stalking us by proxy.

So, we use PCLOS and sometimes MINT. We might switch to Mint due to the large number of available apps it has.

Can anyone tell me step by step how to protect my family?

We cannot use credit/debit cards as all those accounts will be closed. So, everything has to be free, untraceable, and immune to US law as well.

TOR network can help I think, if I knew how to use it and privoxy. I can D/L and install them but have no idea how to activate and use them. We would need an encryption program that the government doesn't have a back door into or can crack. The stalker has 'connections' and loads of money. We do not.

Also, sites like Google and MSN Hotmail track you via hardware ID's.

I have about a week to figure out how to do this or have to make everything new and lose many years worth of sites.

Generally is you run the computer from a live disk everything gets erased after you shutdown.
Yes I am very serious. We are packing as I write this and moving to a friend's house far out of state so nothing will be in our names. We are closing out everything, renting a truck under someone else's name, etc.

When you tell on criminals they become worse criminals.

About the live CD/DVD. While you are partly correct, whenever you log into Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, those sites record your geolocation, whatever IP address you are using, and hardware ID's of whatever computer you use, even if none of the equipment is yours. And you can easily be tracked via ISP's right to your front door.

A friend of mine had a computer he said was 'his' a few years ago. He asked me to go through it and clean it up. He claimed he had a virus.
I connected it to my internet and started checking. I quickly discovered the computer had tracing software on it and it might have been stolen.

I shut it off and told him to take to to a repair shop as I couldn't fix it.

The next day there was a guy that showed up at the front door looking for me. Fortunately I moved from one apartment unit to another and the address wasn't changed yet.
He was directed to my old apartment number and it was vacant.

But none of that has anything to do with my current situation. It is an example of things that do happen.
Child support can simply access your cable, satellite, internet provider and have full access to ALL of your information with a few clicks of the mouse and NO WARRANT. A private investigator or even a 12 year old could do this.

Times are tough everywhere.
If you offer someone enough money and they are hurting for cash, 9 times out of 10 they will provide info for money since it is nearly impossible for you to tell who accessed it and gave it out.

Lawyers was tons of money UP FRONT. Police are swamped and have suffered severe budget cuts.

It is easier to move and hide for a couple of years or so than to risk major problems with a vengeful wealthy criminal.

TAILS 'can be used anywhere but leaves no trace'. That is wrong. It leaves no trace on your computer. It does leave traces on the internet.
If you boot from a USB stick then TAILS leaves traces on the stick.

I am not worried about leaving traces on my computer. I AM worried about being tracked right to my front door. Ever hear of a program called evidence eliminator? That just keeps snoops from looking at your computer. Servers keep much more than that because of not only economics, but the frigging unconstitutional patriot act.

We aren't the criminal, they are. Not only do I worry about being found I have to worry about them bad things on my credit report (which you CAN'T get off without either them taking it off or a court order).

TAILS limitations - read #1 and #2 and perhaps #7

I tried a proxy service to see if I could access my emails but proxies are blocked. So, I can't access my email via any proxy.

Pretty much, if I can block or change hardware ID's in Linux, then use the TOR network, I should be able to do most things without being tracked.
Get a GUI Linux VPS somewhere that you can RDP into - from there, check your email, etc.. essentially making that VPS your PC. No one will see the ips connecting to it except your hosting company...
I am a bit confused. I know what GUI means but what is VPS?

I do not know anything about command line stuff or writing scripts.

Basically if it isn't plug and play I don't know how to do it. Plug and play means I click to install something then use a gui based settings to change what I want.

VPS? Virtual Private s??

I am a former XP user that just knows how to use linux (point and click).

I would need exact step by step instructions like left click on this or that, type this or that, right click this or that sort of thing. Even after 3 years of using Linux I am still a total noob.

I use PC Linux OS 2012 right now. I am thinking of switching to Linux Mint 13?

Would running a virtual machine hide my hardware ID's? And how do I hide my new IP from google, MSN, Yahoo, and all other places?

I tried an anonymous browsing and hotmail wouldn't let me log in at all.
Tracking via hardware ID, is not only nearly impossible, it's a extremely bad idea and extremely unreliable. This is a Hollywood computer/hacking myth, and hacking/computers in real life is literally (as in completely absolute, not some social-targeted misuse) nothing like Hollywood hacking/computers.

Second, if you're not uber BS and actually are in this lethal situation, what makes you think that the stalker has not already found this thread out? By merely posting, you are leaving a trace on the internet, which if the stalker is smart (which you stated he is), he'll eventually conjure up the string

family, stalk, relocate, protect "linux" forum

and this thread is displayed on the first two pages on google.
You risked a whole lot just by asking questions, let alone broadcasting that you are in trouble.
Moreover, posting is completely pointless. Everything you could ever need to know about privacy/anti tracking/security/whatever anti-stalker measures has already been answered; all you need is google.

Again if you're not BS, make yourself a live session boot stick , Ubuntu, mint, whatever, and jump from public internet connection to another--libraries, cafes, fast food chains--along with other decentralized systems/ideas.

That is, if you value your internet over your life.

If you actually want to live get off the internet.
You can't leave a trace if you don't do things that can possibly leave one in the first place.

Change your name; register with different names.
Move without filling forms, and essentially killing the current you off of the known world.

The fact that you didn't think of this, makes me label you as BS no more than the Nigerian Prince.

I'm sorry that I hate you; if you are BS, you're trashing up the forums. And if you're not, you alone are making your situation a whole lot more worse than it already was.
Forum is being a little difficult. I have to post this to reach teh 5 post requirement to post links. Sorry.
More Facts and NOT A TROLL HERE!

Kerms, I respect your opinions and it is not BS - no troll here. I hope you don't really hate me. I am just trying to protect my family. And asking for information here shouldn't cause me any more problems than I already have. But it could help me protect myself.

I was hoping that I could find enough information that even if he did know I was able to be untracible, he might leave this venue alone.

Life in danger? Possibly. Financial stability in danger, definitely. Freedom in danger - distinct possibility.

I seem to have comments like yours from most places I try to get information from.
It is a shame that bad people out there ruin it for legitimate people like myself.

Tracking via hardware ID is becoming more common place, not just a hollywood fantasy. The Patriot Act has much to do with the issue.

If they can't track easily with IP addresses then the next thing they track with is MAC addresses. Then hardware ID's. Much of the tracking is due to the use of Java and Javascript. But there are many other ways.

Look at this one about MAC tracking:

MSN has been doing it for a long time. That is how and why they initiated the fiasco of a verification program to get software and updates. Genuine Advantage is what I think they called it.

I was hoping to find a way to be able to save and use my existing email accounts and other internet accounts (non financial) without worrying about being hunted down.

This is an excerpt from wikipedia:
"Internet service providers in many countries are legally required (e.g. CALEA in the U.S.) to allow law enforcement and intelligence agencies to monitor some or all of the information transmitted by the ISP. Modern ISPs integrate a wide array of surveillance and packet sniffing equipment into their networks, which then feeds the data to law-enforcement/intelligence networks and software such as DCSNet in the United States, or SORM in Russia, allowing them to monitor Internet traffic in real time."

A private investigator can use the same methods to track people. A crooked law enforcement person can abuse their police powers to find information. And there is no way for you to know if/when they do or what information they are obtaining. Even Child Support Enforcement can access ALL of your information without a warrant. Your ISP records everything you do. They can record your hardware ID's as well.
I do not know what information they can obtain while someone is using Linux. I know Linux is better and safer than Windoze, but I don't know in what ways.

Has anyone gone to www.grc.com and read anything about computer security?

My intention is not to trash any forums or any other place.

My intention is to find suitable information on how to protect my family and hopefully still use my existing internet accounts. Even the TOR network can be traced.

I believe Linux has a plausible solution, I just don't know what it is or how to implement it.

I also know that many of the free encryption programs have back doors in them that others can decrypt.

I wonder though just how I am making my situation worse by asking questions.
If I don't ask questions then how will I know how to do what I want?

Jumping from public access nodes to public access nodes is impracticable. We are not on the lam and shouldn't need to go to that extreme. No 'Bonnie & Clyde' here. Just whistle blowers that are afraid.

Even if we never used the internet or phone again, there still is one way to track us, unfortunately.

I checked into getting social security numbers changed. Well, when you do that the credit reporting agencies associate your old SS numbers with the new ones. Unless you are part of a government sponsored witness protection program, you can't do it alone.

All the privacy laws on the books mean nothing if someone is intent on tracking you. And lawyers are greedy - they want tons of money UP-Front to do anything. We don't have that kind of money. If we did we would do things a lot differently.

Here is another set of methods that can be used to track you:

Does anyone really think that the software is the only one of it's kind in existence?
And the software can be misused by nefarious persons with the right connections.

Here is something you might like to read:
Click on Expand and read the part of google stealing information.
"This payload data included e-mail and text messages,
passwords, Internet usage history, and other highly sensitive personal information. "

It is becoming extremely difficult to NOT be on the internet any more.
More and more companies are going 'paperless'. meaning online only.

How can I not be able to use the internet and exist?

Many cell phone and other phone companies use the VIOP protocol (I.E. internet).

A USB stick won't work on my computer. It won't boot from it.
ALL flash hardware keeps fragments of data on it. Using TRIM or DISCARD can help remove much of it, but it doesn't remove all of it. See here: http://www.itproportal.com/2011/02/24/flash-memory-cant-be-securely-erased/ and that applies to portable flash drives as well.

You mention a USB flash drive.
Have you looked into this one?

I have to go for now. I just hope that someone has a plausible solution for me.
If you are really worried about MAC address tracking, then on your next move, don't use the same hardware. Look back at the Tails link that I provided.
Thanks Rob. I will check that out.

I mean no disrespect to anyone here. I was looking for suggestions on how to use Linux and keep my family safe while still having a life.

I will still need help with Linux, no matter where I am. Especially when I get a new computer and may have hardware issues. Am I still welcome here?
I'm new and need help myself, How do you get started.

If you are looking for help i may suggest you start a new topic and ask a specific question.

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