I gave up, can you guys help me please?


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Hello, first post here. Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong area.
And sorry for my English too, not my first language.

Usually i just read forums and almost never ask for help because i can find all the answers on Google, but today i completely gave up trying Linux for the first time.
I'm new at programming and i was studying for HTLM/CSS and JavaScript, since i was about for format my SDD's today i figured, why not install Ubuntu on one of them, so i can learn how to use since i will most probably have to work on that OS if i want to follow down that road professionally. It has been a complete nightmare trying to learn this OS.

Well, the experience started great, so clean and minimalist, love it, then went downhill. Had to look for a actual tutorial to put desktop icons(???), got the job done doing that for Mozilla and Chrome, but then i could never figured out how could i do a shortcut for Visual Code Studio, apperently it was different than Chrome/Mozilla for some reason. Gave up. I was losing so much time and people on internet were saying it would be easier just get used to favorites. Since my primary OS would always be Windows 10, i thought: ok, then be it.

Next i was messing with Terminal(horrible experience, i'm completely utter super noob using that, i don't know absolutely anything), then after installing the ZSH and the Oh My Zsh i figured i couldn't change the Theme because i lost the default screen and pass by it. This one:

Don't remember seeing this screen, so i did that:

On Ubuntu-based distros, you can install zsh using: sudo apt-get install zsh. Once the installation completes, you can check the version using zsh --version, then make zsh your default shell using chsh -s $(which zsh). You’ll need to log out, then log back in for the changes to take effect."

When i use this parameter for default shell: chsh -s $(which zsh), nothing happened. Confirmed with the parameter zsh --version it was installed. Even after restarting/logging off couldn't see the default/grey screen. So people online said to clean the bash or something like that, i did and now i lost my Default User Profile. Created a new one and i realize i lost every configuration i did today at the afternoon.

If i log-off and click on the option below the new profile i created: "Not Listed" and type my last username and password i can get in again. But only doing that i can go inside. Also i lost my photo on my profile, won't show up. I have to always click now on "Not Listed" to log-in in the old profile. And now i can't delete the profile that i created before and neither the old profile shows up on the log-in screen.

Messed up Terminal on bash/profile, lost my profile, created a new one, can't delete the new one, can't see the old one(even though i can "force log'-in)

Can i please have some help? Really sorry if i can't explain properly, it's not only confusing what's going on for me but it's also in english.


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My advice, reinstall and start fresh, don't make the same mistakes. Also, you can try another distro with another desktop environment that allows you to put icons on the desktop, try this one https://www.q4os.org/


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Can you open a terminal and share the output of the following?
grep $USER /etc/passwd
ls ~/.zshrc
Also Oh My Zsh is known to break stuff, search the Arch forums and you will get plenty of topics about it and people advising against using it.
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