I have a hp pro book


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Nov 1, 2023
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I have an hp pro book that I completely swept the hard drive it has no os at all I want Linux as an os i had Windows 10 + i gess this is my first time doing an os swap i am no pro by any means i am doing everything threw my phone i have a type c to usb and a usb memory stick and etchdroid on my phone the usb debugger what do i need to do help pls

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Give us a few details about the hp pro.....model, version, ram, size hard drive etc etc....whatever you have, please.
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Ok so you have an HP lappy, at this stage, you will need to check the BIOS and disable windows quick-start [fast-boot] and possibly secure boot [depending on the lappy's age.

I expect it will have at least 2gb ram possibly 4 or more, most distributions will run OK albeit some will be a little slow

you will need internet access to download and install your chosen distribution, you will need a writing/burning application to make your bootable ISO pen-drive, Time and patience to go through the installation process.
For a first time use/installation, download a 'live' distro, it will be installable, but will let you see if everything on your laptop works before physically installing it to disk - also, you can try different distros, without installing them first. :)

(Some you might like - Devuan Live - Linux Mint - MX Linux)

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