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as you can see from the title i really need help
i use kali linux 2021.1
and i was using firefox just browsing and then i restarted firefox cuz it was acting weird ,after i opened it all of my data was just gone nothing was there (no logins, no accounts , no bookmarks .....) i tried to see if there any profiles in my firefox but there wasnt any , so i decided to reboot my system,And everything was GONE all my files my projects my pictures my apps all of it just gone , even my configuration, i didnt install any shady app or anything like that, i was gonna post my past commands from terminal but the history is just clear.
this happened just now and i really need my files and data pleaseeeeeee help.


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Scroll down on that page for your answer. You deleted a ton of important stuff. There's no magic fix for that.
what they said wasnt a fix,quick question can i still use my system normally or did i delete some system files cuz its running normally


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Lesson learned, Never use commands without knowing what they will do.
Also never input commands from some random website.
Personally I would reinstall, or even better install a distro that is meant to be used daily.
You have no idea what might be missing, reinstall.


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I can give you another tip: I just booted latest kali live from usb this version : 5.10.0-kali3-amd64

Timeshift appears to be in repo : see attached image

Timeshift helps with reverting . I don't know much about it since i'm a Slackware user mainly and timesh
ift isn't available for slackware. There is a thread/tutorial on this site all about it

I agree with craigevil ; best learn Linux using something like Mint or Ubuntu. Of course if you do that && also have kali live with persistence ,then you can have your cake and eat it



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You've probably deleted some important config files in your /home/<user> directory. Some of them will recreate themselves when you open the applications again - like Firefox should create a new profile and stuff like that.

Frankly, you're better off restoring from backups or doing a nice clean installation. You're also probably better suited to using a different distro. Kali is for advanced users, which you are not. Take some time, as others have suggested, to learn to use Linux. Then, after a year or three you can use Kali without much trouble.


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Stop. If you keep using the OS it will become very much more difficult to recover data.
Reboot with a "Live" version of some Linux distro and copy all your data that you can.

Then refer to @KGIII 's post above.
You're also probably better suited to using a different distro. Kali is for advanced users, which you are not.


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thx for all the replies i reinstalled kali ,i cant switch to linux mint or anything cuz im learning some penetration testing +programming so yeah
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