Intel or Ryzen

Witch cpu setup do you prefer and why?

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Jan 4, 2019
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Looking to upgrade my mother board and cpu.

My finger twitched at just the right time and I voted for Intel. I really don't have a preference - but I was an AMD fan for quite a few years. These days, they're all fast enough for my needs and have similar levels of efficiency.
AMD Cheaper price in the long run. Way cheaper on the GPU side. Open source vid drivers, Just saw a Ryzen 5600 for 99 bucks at Micro Center
Ryzen is currently better bang for buck.

In many tests it wins outright, even though it's cheaper.
Such confusion on either side they are both great cpu I just want to have a better gaming experience. Ryzen definitely has my vote as far as price.
I have an Intel cpu in my desktop system and a AMD cpu in my home server, if I were go go for a new desktop I would probably go for an AMD cpu as well. So shouldn't it be Intel vs AMD because Ryzen is not a company but a cpu brand and Intel is not a cpu brand but a company?
Well I never really thought of it like that to be honest lol!
I really like those i7 127000k.
Gonna have to save some more pennies for that joker.
Then you have Ryzen I have no clue on what series even matches the I7 ...
Their numbers and titles are all over the place.
For daily computing, you probably will not notice any difference between the I7 and the equivalent Ryzen 7, for gaming the Ryzen 7 is probably slightly better, more costly for gamers than the Ryzen 7,is the Ryzen 9.
My current machines are all Intel, but when building my own I always used AMD, the reason for this was back in the good old days the AMD K series was always more reliable than the intel P series so I always stuck with them for home builds
Usually Ryzen CPUs are slightly more efficient and keep themselves cooler. I have a Ryzen 5500 and I never reach 70° even with a 20€ Gammaxx400
My Ryzen 5600 in my "gaming rig" never goes to 70 the 3600 in my new built daily idles at 29. I replaced the 3600 with the 5600 then a new MB went with a Gigabyte B450 with WiFi because it was 64 bucks at Micro Center. I have a new in the Box 5500 that I also bought because it was down to 99 bucks that week at Micro Center. But I decided to use the 3600 fast enough for daily use.

The HP slim that I replaced it sitting on a piece of Plexi so open air. Has MX installed still not sure what I am doing with it yet. It has an intel Core I5 10400 6 core so LGA 1200 CPU. May just use it for testing but need to clear a spot on a desk.

With the New Nvidia GPU's melting plugs and 1500 dollar price tags I stick with AMD. And intel boards are almost twice the price. AMD runs with less voltage, less heat.
I decided to wait a bit till I can get something good got car parts instead lol!
My old Z needs some love.
I own Intel CPUs for years and all you get is stable drivers. Ryzen now way better for it's price. If you use Linux you get all benefits of using AMD devices.