Is it just me or does ubuntu not want to do anythin?



Alright guys, So I decided I wanted to make the switch over to Ubuntu for general computing and day to day use.

I seem to have never ending issues with everything I try to do

First things first.

I cannot for the life of me get skype to install.

First issue was down to me being on the AMD64 platform, So I followed a guide to allow me to force 32bit architecture install, Then there were other installations saying Librarys were missing (there was a lot of them so i apologies for not typing them here), When I tried to install these, it was more errors and so and and so forth...

next issue, I cannot get unity 3D to start / run...

First time around i got errors to the effect of missing files, I reinstalled Ubuntu then I got errors saying here was no objects to apply(or to that effect) I really wanted to use the nice 3D visuals like the cube, wobbly windows etc. i have no unity 3D Icon in the control panel either?

next thing, May seem minor but some of my shortcuts do not work, Or maybe they are not supposed to.
In windows 7 on Firefox if I want to go back a page, I can press backspace, this doesn't seem to work on Ubuntu same when in picture viewer, pressing the left and right arrow keys do not change the image to the next one?

So far I have been a little scared to try anything else due to everything going wrong so many times.

I am using the latest build of Ubuntu 12.1 and have reinstalled maybe 4 times so far, currently I am on a 100% fresh install...

All help is totally appreciated



Hello please, check & check again for updates via update manager before trying anything fancy


Ok first you don't need to force 32bit on your 64bit system to install Skype.

Just go here:
Select Ubuntu 12.04 Multiarch
Download and double click on it to install.

As for the 3D effects, you need to install your proprietary drivers.
1. Open a terminal and use this command: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
2. Do a search for software updates and choose the last tab to install proprietary drivers

Since you are coming from Windows you may want to install the Cinnamon shell.
Directions are here:
Make sure you log out and click the circle above the login and select the cinnamon shell.

I also suggest getting Crossover Office as I imagine you will want to install some Windows apps or games. Everything can be done on Linux, it just take some work and checking out message boards.

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