Kali linux live stuck at grub terminal.


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Oct 2, 2023
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I tried for days to solve that.
I have 1TB external disk and I want my kali linux to be portable and so that is saves what I did. I downloaded kali linux live 23.3(latest) version. I used rufus to flash it and i set the priority but insted of loading me into boot option menu I end up in grub terminal. Under ls I have: memdisk, hd0 and hd1. On windows I looked at my partisions and it says that my external disk which I have linux on is Disk1 so maybe its hd1. But only on memdisk I have somthing and this is: memdisk/boot/grub/grub.cfg
And I have no idea what to do now.
I used this tutorial untill I ended up in grub:

Rufus has been troublesome of late in burning linux .iso files. Download and reburn with Etcher found here.
That is the first thing I would try.
I'm assuming Kali has been working for you prior. Have you come across any other errors with it? I encountered a similar error when I was new to Kali but instead of whatever might be causing this for you what made it dysfunctional for me was my outdated laptop.
Are you new to Kali/haven't used it before?
though I doubt it's related to your system date it's still a valid possibility.
if you install linux then it goes to grub terminal its usually a display manager issue, probably caused by having an nvidia gpu and choosing open source (AMD) drivers during install, it can be easily fixed but you need to say what your hardware is if you want help, just listing a usb drive is not hardware, what mobo cpu gpu etc

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