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Hello everybody. I have a question about Kali Linux and I like some opinions about it. I have installed Kali about 2 months ago and it's serving me great, but there is a little dilemma I have about it. Firstly there are many people that say that it shouldn't be your primary OS because most of the programs you have there must be run as root. Now this doesn't bother me because I made new user for my everyday work. Not that I am into hacking (I did hack two wlan just for fun :D) I mainly have this OS because it's fast and reliable so far it's not crashed or shown any bugs. I am not a expert on Linux but I find my way around. It's described it's for experts or advanced users. Now for second problem could be really some consequences using Kali as everyday system? Should I change to another? Or is it ok to keep him?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.

I ran Kali. I ran it to see if there are any IP apps I didnt know about. Should you? Well why? I dont know your level of Linux so its hard to say, but if your using it as an everyday OS probably not. It's Debian with some hacker apps on it. For me I would use it to try to penetrate my own network, but again its only ip tools with a big ass password hacking app for the most part. Unless you're a advanced linux person with a bunch of programming experience it is irrelevant. This action maybe construed as being disruptive to the Linux community.
Please don't waste your efforts trying to be a better hacker without being a better user.
Hi tnx for answering. No you misunderstood me, I am not into hacking nor do I think that having Kali makes me a "hacker". Even if I wanna be a hacker I would be a "white hat" one. I know it's meant to be a pentesting security OS but it runs so nice. I think and I am quoting one guy "they probably didn't want this but they made a OS that you can use as main OS". I am not really an advanced user, I am still trying to learn programming but didn't have the time because of work. I am just starting, but as far as Linux goes I never had any problem that I couldn't solve. As far as OS that I previously used: Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch (my favorite) openSUSE. That's it I think. If you can tell me some other distro I can use? I mean for "normal" use. Or I can just go back to Arch...

Sorry again for long post/reply.
Also, If you like Kali its Debian. Why don't you try Debian as your primary. This would make me happy if you did. You can dual boot it.
Ok I will. I am gonna test in on my other HDD. I also always heard about Debian having the most packages (probably because there are many distro's based on him). Tnx for everything I off to get Debian. Wish me luck :D
OK I just received your response. If you know Arch I recommend it. The thing is u need to find what fits u best. I like Arch I like to tinker some don't. To use Kali is BS without a purpose. I'm not saying ts bad but anyone here will tell you u need to run what u need. Yes I like arch and after many installs im a pro installer lol
Kali is cool but its debian I recommend it also.
When it comes to Debian distros, I am still a fan of Crunchbang. If you're okay with OpenBox, it just works.

In fact, I would like to see a Kali Linux type system more similar to Crunchbang for Pen Testing.
You answered yourself as best answer... Really, I tried to help. Goodbye.
I won't respond again.
Ok, I will try Crunchbang. My friend used it a while ago and he said it's a great distro.

Ty all for help.
Kali is built for Security testers, you can keep it if you are interested in pentesting, although there is no harm of it using for other works.
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