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Unfortunately few people understand your written language. Please use a translator into English, because it's the rules.
Hello @hunter123,
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please translate posts to English as we are an English only forum.

DeepL translates what you posted to this.

通过脚本检测条件,用什么命令发送一张图片到 桌面
What command is used to send an image to the desktop by detecting the condition through a script
Hmm... Again, we do not translate (or should not translate) on behalf of the user. The onus is on them.
English Forum only...not hard to understand.
English Forum only...not hard to understand.

It's in our nature to try to help. But, yes, we're an English only site and the obligation to translate is on the person asking the questions. It's not malice, it's that we lack the ability to moderate in different languages. Translations also aren't necessarily accurate so the original poster might not actually mean what the translation says - so it's up to them to do so.
He managed to translate his user name...

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