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Laptop Advice - Dual Boot Alternative


Feb 15, 2022
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Hi all,

This is a slight follow on from this thread.

I am buying a refurbed Lenovo ThinkPad T450, i5-5300U, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD and want to install Linux to a seperate SSD.

I believe an external SSD is an option, but not entirley clear on how to do this, and not sure if it's an ideal solution, nor what sort of external SSD would be suitable.

Is it possible to fit a second internal SSD to this model of Lenovo? I have never done something like this before, so any advice would be great!

I am trying to avoid partitioning the hard drive if I can, and also want a persistent Linux Desktop. I'd just get rid of Windows completley, but I need it for some software which doesn't work on Linux.




I don't see why you wouldn't be able to install Linux on an external SSD.
Just make sure during your Linux installation that you have the correct drive selected when the partition manager presents itself.

You could install another SSD in that ThinkPad but that's only if it has a second bay for an additional SSD.
To do that you'd have to open the laptop dis-asemble it and than re-asemble.
I've taken apart a laptop before and it's a little more complex than a desktop.

Another options would be to to replace the current SSD that's already in your ThinkPad with an SSD that has say twice the storage. That's entirely up to you.
USB Drive.

Format with Rufus. Setup Rufus with a partition on the USB drive for Persistance in the Rufus menu.

Install MX Linux.

When Rufus is done, boot to the USB run MX-Live, open text editor make a quick file save it on the drive. Close as you shutdown MX look at the menu on the bottom is a Checkbox, SAVE sessions click on that then shutdown. Reboot to USB, check to see your txt file exists. If so you now have a live Linux with Persistence. Just boot that way when you run until deciding to ditch Win,=.
Thanks guys, I think I will give the external SSD thing a go for a while, which also seems to have the benefit of letting me try loads of distros relatively easily.

And thanks for the suggestion Mike, having a persistent 'live' option seems like it might be worth a try - is there a way to keep files etc across different distros? For example, if I decide to get rid of Mint and try Arch or whatever instead, will my cat memes still be where I left them?

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