Linux on Apple M1 and M2 now supported.


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May 3, 2019
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It even supports OpenGL 3.1 on Apple Video Cards.

I helped a friend install this today, it wasn't bad at all. You can install it from MacOS.
Both Gnome and KDE support Wayland.

The Wifi, the video, the sound, the USB ports, it all seems to work with no problems ao far.

If you don't like Fedora, there are some other distro's available. ( although some don't have
everything working yet ).


I figured that we'd see official compatibility sooner than later.

The thing is, I want to buy Apple hardware. I really do.

I just can't deal with their anti-repairability. In reality, I am unlikely to repair anything, but I still want the ability to do so in a reasonable manner.
I noticed howtos for linux (first Arch, now Fedora) M1/2 barebone installation in August (YT). Seems pretty strightforward. OpenBSD can be installed too using Asahi initial script.
Very excited, my next laptop is going to be Macbook Air (M2) refurbished from Apple store.
Well, we finally got around to trying some of the other distro's.

The Arch version isn't really a bare-metal install. It's more of a QEMU, Arm VM install.
The BSD was the next choice. It doesn't support OpenGL yet, and we couldn't get the Wifi
to work, which wasn't really a problem as, we have an Ethernet adapter.
Alpine was next, but the version we used is only CLI console mode. There wasn't a Xwindows
version available. Last but not least was Ubuntu, it's only been installed for about 45 minutes,
but everything seems to work as far as we can tell in a short time frame.

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