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hi guys,
Im looking for some information on linux security distros. I understand that they are a type of OS that has extra tools for penetration testing etc but I cant seem to find much information online. I have an assignment that requires me to do some research into the subject. Is there any books or other source of information that I should look at? Im currently downloading Backtrack to look at how they differ from other OS. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Machin Shin

I know some people might jump on me for this, but hear me out, a good place to go would actually be Wikipedia, now the very critical BUT that comes with that, do not just try actually use any info directly from wikipedia.

Instead, scan their writeup and look for what you need and then follow their references. In fact, you can just skip down to the bottom of the wikipedia article and you will find lots of links to relevant pages. This for me has been a great resource for the kind of work your doing.

As for the difference between pen testing OS and any other OS? Mostly it just comes down to the software that comes preinstalled. You get an OS built for business and it will come with some form of Office, an e-mail client, and other business programs. A pen-testing OS will simply come with programs intended more for breaking encryption and cracking passwords instead of typing word documents (although, you likely will also get office in pen-test OS, you do have to at the very least write up a letter bragging about your mad skillz after all)
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Machin Shin hit it. The packages Kali and Backtrack are all separate projects, although some are devolved by the same group or person. The OS itself is Debian, and not much is modified as far as security. It's up to the user to configure most things, and I would not recommend either for out of the box security. They are offensive tools. Tails, Whonix, and Liberté are what I would call a security OS.
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