Linux Server Distributions?



I'm buying three Cisco 7835 H-2 servers and am hoping for advise which OS would be "best" for my purposes. I intend to strip two of them and use "extra" parts to make one very fine machine keeping
the others for if needed or later setting them up also.
Intended use is VERY limited :) Flat out refused to "rent" server space to run Ventrilo for World
of Warcraft and realized that with power and storage I'll have available I can also work on websites
I'd like to host also.
I work full time night shift at a shipyard and only "real" time I'll have available will be the weekends
after spend much of THAT catching up what should have done during the week.
Funds will be extremely short, but hope and intend to buy Adobe Creative Cloud if that's the best
program for creating websites and implementing web hosting??

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