LinuxQuestions is running their annual "Members Choice Awards" polls.


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Jul 23, 2020
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I find the results interesting and check them yearly. I don't participate on the forum all that much, though I probably should. I just prioritize my time and they don't end up near the top.

But, if you want to go through and cast your votes, now is the time to do it.


Thanks for sharing, looks just interesting to check out the results and the choices. I rather give my full attention to one forum than being a member of several different forums because then I actually get the idea that I'm part of the community and my contributions make a difference an matter to the forum and I already spend too much of my free time here ;)
... check out the results and the choices.

Indeed. I check them out every year. There are some surprising upsets in the results and that site has a lot of community participation in the forum. I always though Slashdot should do something like that yearly, back when they were still at the top of tech news.

As for the various sites, I budget my time. Right now, due to the pandemic, I have a ton of free time. Back in about 2015 was when I stopped participating much. I was absent, more or less, for the next five years. Then, the pandemic hit and I found myself with a bunch of free time. So, I resumed participation in the various communities.

When the pandemic ends, I'll have a decision to make. I know that I want to keep my site active in perpetuity, so I'll probably still budget some time for the Linux community. Also, I tend to view it as one giant community rather than concentrate myself with the small niches. To me, it's just one giant group of people who use and like Linux. I don't much care for the fake internet points, but they are what they are. To me, those seem a lot like popularity contests.

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