Looking For A New Laptop! Recommendations?

I got a refurbished XPS for around $1000 from Bestbuy. It doesn't solve the fact that I am likely going to have the same worries in 3 to 5 years, but I couldn't warrant the price of the other options. I was getting into the $2500 range, and yes they are upgradeable, but I have pretty basic needs. If I wasn't completely offended by how intrusive Mac, Google, and Microsoft are, I could be very happy with a $500 preloaded laptop.

This was the middle road for price vs value (to me) and I currently have no regrets.

My HP Laptop 15 is a great mid-range computer and has decent Linux support. The only issue I have is that the laptop keyboard takes at least 15 seconds to wake up after booting a common Linux distro, but I have no problems when using a wireless keyboard. It has an 11th-gen Intel i5 CPU and easily outperforms my 3rd-gen AMD Ryzen 5 computer.
Any good Dual OS ( Windows 11 / Any Linux Client) laptops out there ?
All I see are Windows 10 or below
Any good Dual OS ( Windows 11 / Any Linux Client)
It is doubtful you will find any decent windows laptops with a Linux duel boot already installed. As for what is available that will be down to your local markets, here in the UK we have a plethora of IT companies that re-furbish laptops and re-sell them? but they only clean install a licenced windows system