Looking for developers who know Seccomp for a paid study


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Apr 2, 2024
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I am Maysara, a PhD student at the University of Bristol.

I am running a study to evaluate the usability of Seccomp, and I am looking for developers who have experience using it.
The study session is 1.5 hour, you will be asked to sandbox a simple C program using Seccomp, and you will get a 200£ Amazon voucher as a reimbursement for your time.

If you you know Seccomp and C and interetsed in participating, please email me at: dl21421 at bristol.ac.uk

Thanks all.

I don't believe any of the staff have verified any of the above.

I also don't know how many people here fit that description. I'd consider doing it just to ensure they paid but that's outside my wheelhouse. Use your own judgment.
@KGIII Yup, I have not contacted the staff before posting this, I hope that is okay.
The study is approved by the university ethics committee :D Before participating, I would ask the developers to sign some forms stating the details of the study and they would get paid immediately after the sessions.

And yeah, I am not sure if I will find any participants here, it just has been very difficult to recruit for this study, and I thought I might try my luck here.
@KGIII Yup, I have not contacted the staff before posting this, I hope that is okay.

Your school lines up with your IP address and you at least know what an ethics committee is, so I'll allow it.

We might have a couple of people who fit the bill. I looked up the task and it doesn't look all that difficult. There are documented examples online, or so it appears to my layman's eyes.

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