lvm over nfs




I'm looking for a user guide which will teach me how to use LVM over NFS.
Serveral people need to connect te server and use LVM.
Someone that can help me?

Kind regards

Lvm is the software you use on your file server to create logical volumes to hold the file systems you export with NFS. So, for example, use lvm to create the logical device /dev/md0 on your file server. On /dev/md0 then you create an ext4, btrfs, or whatever file system which you export to the clients via nfs.
i create LVM with this video : LVM in linux on youtube
what do i need to let work nfs?

Someone who have also a good video or explanation because me linux skills are low

Kind regards
Sorry - I got lvm confused with mdadm but if you have a logical volume created with lvm already I guess you figured that out.

OK so now you have a logical volume but on it you have to create a file system; i.e., ext4, xfs, btrfs, etc. Assuming that you have created the file system - it's this file system that you share with NFS - NOT the logical volume you created with lvm. Once you have the file system created you will typically place the mount point of that file system in /etc/exports for sharing to client systems. Google "linux NFS" for some good how-tos.

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