Mary Wilson, founding member of The Supremes, dies at 76

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R.I.P. Mary Wilson. :(


We don't usually do many news articles, so there's no article about this on the site. I host, design, maintain, and sometimes write articles for MFU. If you're into music history, the site may interest you. I see that wiz does the music stuff frequently, so it may interest @wizardfromoz as well.

Speaking of design, there was a theme update that made the site show the WP meta again. I should probably fix that once and for all by making a custom HTML widget with the appropriate links. So much to do and so little motivation! (You thought I'd say 'time', didn't you?!?)

And, that's correct. The site has zero ads. We cover the hosting costs and don't show ads on it. It looks so much nicer without ads. We did have ads and they did alright, but they made the site less aesthetically pleasing.
I like all kinds of music and movies etc.

The reason I see all of these entertainers who pass away is because I make a point of reading news every morning so I know what's happening in the world.

It's a habit I picked up from my Dad because he always asked me what's going on in the world every morning so I made it a point to know.
I generally avoid the news like the plague. I barely read the tech news at like Hacker News and don't even check that daily. I don't watch or read any news other than that.

My frustration levels are really low.

I do sometimes read the court logs at the local news site. It's how I keep up with what my friends are doing!
I don't let news get to me but I like knowing what's happening in the world.

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