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Mint 19


New Member
I have a HP all in one, and two lap tops, I can load mint 19 on my laptops but not on my HP PC, it freezes when it gets to the install page.
Any suggestions would be gratefully rec.

Regards Bob


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Linux Mint 19 comes in 3 different flavors Cinnamon / Mate / Xfce so which are you trying to install.

Sounds like a graphics driver issue as in lack there of.

Linux Mint 19.0 / 19.1 Xfce is the best choice and least resource demanding of the 3 different versions.

Personally I would install Peppermint 10 as it seems to run better than Linux Mint any version imo.

Peppermint 10 seems to be designed to utilize system resources better than Linux Mint from my own experience.

OK I'm sure I'm going to catch some rock throwing from the Linux Mint fans / users so bring it on.:cool:

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