Mobility Radeon 3450 Black Screen with cursor after Login


Jul 1, 2023
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Hi folks!

I'm back with my super old notebook from this post

The Problem
I'm using Mint Mate (current version) and it is making me wanna throw the thing out. After Login the screen turns black and I only see the cursor (which I can move), no wallpaper.

Steps to remedy
From former research I found that the Chip does not to be supported in the current kernels anymore? I have recently installed arch in a VM so I now kinda understand what Window Managers, X Server and Co do but I don't get why old hardware would just be abandoned by the kernel devs.

Is there any way to solve this? Do I need to write my own driver (learning opportunity?) to make this work?

If you need more input, let me know what you need.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much! I really need to set up notifications for this forum.

I managed to get it working using lubuntu. I tried multiple systems and the only one not blackscreening on me was that one. I chose is specifically for the qt framework since the cursor was visible but the rest didnt render. And voila, it works.

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