Needs help picking a district for old p4



I have a old p4 768 megs of ram a Intel on board gpu I have tryed a few distros but most are runing ghome 3 and there is no support for that old of gpu. Any Help is welcome
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Victor Leigh

I have used Puppy Linux successfully on my old laptop with a 1.2Ghz Celeron. Maybe it would work for your old p4, too. Get the Wary version of Puppy Linux. Wary Puppy is specifically written for older pcs.


With an old Intel on board GPU, you should stick to older distributions that use earlier or more lightweight desktop environments. The new desktop environments like Gnome 3 and Unity require a modern video card, and even with that the performance is quite slow. Maybe you could try some distros that use Gnome 2.x, like Debian or Ubuntu 10.10 and lower. You could also try this desktop environment I've heard of that's quite lightweight, it's called LXDE, you can use it in Lubuntu. Sorry if I can't give you more distros, I'm not really familiar with others, but you could just search for them on the internet. Good luck!


I tried Ubuntu on an even older machine. It was slow like hell. Use older distros in order for it not to be slow, otherwise you'll lost your nerves like I did.
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