Network troubleshooting cookbook in linux?


Oct 15, 2023
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Does it exist? Is there curated list of issues that comes in network troubleshooting presented in a book or a dedicated course?

These pages should be of help:
Also some of these book, I recommend the Linux Bible and How Linux Works.
Good luck.
Their 'man' pages have lots of details about their various command options, but the quickest way to learn is to set up a simple server yourself, & try out some of the commands.

Preferably, get a second computer for this, because you will probably stitch it up, & need to re install a few times, before you get to understand networking. ;)

Whilst I didn't need a server, I set one up, just to see what it was like; learning doesn't need to cost a lot. :)

But, if you ask questions on forums such as here, there are people who will be willing to help you to understand.
My issue is I won't be able to simulate real world scenarios that happens. I can't explain but I hope you understand. (I am not getting words).
Part of it is knowing the commands of how to change something.
The bigger part is knowing what to change, and what to change it to.

Do you know what a subnet is? What a subnet mask is?
What a default gateway is? What an IP address is, and why you have the one you have?
Do you know the difference between a DHCP assigned address and a static IP address?
Do you know what a supernet is?
Do you know which subnets are not route-able out to the internet?
Do you know how a DNS client works, and what it's purpose is?
Do you know what a TCP/IP port is?
Do you know the difference between TCP and UDP?

Knowing how to change these things is great, knowing why you are changing them,
and what to change them to is a lot more important.

TCP/IP, routing and firewalls are common across all network devices, the same principles
apply whether it is a Windows system, MacOS system, or Linux, the commands are different,
but the principles are the same.