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on updates....Click on menu, in bottom left hand corner
Type in...Update Manager
Click on update manager
In the window that opens, click on Refresh....up the top......

Let it do its thing....it may take a minute or two

Any result ?

i didnt do that. i was installing stuff sudo apt install etc. wine wont work. oh well.
ill have to try something else, and/or ubuntu. play on linux launches, but i wanted wine.
i dont usually update things. im going to try to install windows in linux.
ill keep you updated with my progress.
i dont usually update things.
You are using Linux now.......not windows.

Updates are the best thing you can do when using Linux.

The vast majority of Linux updates are Security Updates

When you find the updates, Install them All
an error occurred. i cant update anything.
downloading now for some reason.
youtube videos on windows was 240p/360p. on linux, 720p. i guess thats good.
480p will be okay too depending on the video.
internet be slow so will take some time downloading update thing packages
When it completes it may ask for a reboot. Do that.
another error. so i restarted it. internet stopped working too a few minutes ago.
more errors mix etc, but my system unlike me is up to date.
good luck
nope. its a no go. well, i tried all that i can and know of how to do.
ill just use it for firefox. that still seems fine the last few hours.
everything else, ill have to resort to using windows again.
it was a nice break from using windows. but .exe, executable just works in windows for windows, no emulation needed.
what did you need wine for....which apps ?
virtual pc 2007. so i can install all my windows and ms dos stuff.
works well on windows, well up to a point anyway.
i tried play on linux too, no go. i use alot of legacy, ide, and emulator stuff.
i need to buy more ram at some point.
Canadian, wasn't it?

You might be able to get RAM at a weekend computer swap mart in your province.

I know who would know, and that is if you a find a LUG in your area and contact them.

LUG - Linux User Group

You could Google eg

linux lug (name of your province here)

Worth a shot.

Our Site Manager has started a LUG directory we plan to add to, but it is only in its infancy yet, long way to go.

i dont have that. im in no mans land. thanks though.
i have to wait until july to buy any ram.
That's certainly your call, but a quick search tells me that there are LUGs in Ontario, British Columbia and so on - you could try emailing them and be pleasantly surprised what they can tell you.

Over and out.
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