New install Ubuntu 20.4 Disks issue


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First issue
I cannot get "Disks" to execute in Ubuntu 20.04.
Was given suggestion to try "gnome-Disks" and it "timed out".
Cannot demonstrate now - running on old Ubuntu 16 and "Disks" works just fine .
So I assume 20 .04 needs help.
How do I reinstall "Disks" when I am getting this "timeout " error"?

Second issue
I can mount / configure option disk partition, but it seem that I am setting the "option"
"mount at start " backwards. The "sliding button " is confusing.

Third issue
On multi boot system - can I set "Disks" mount option system-wide or
do I have to do it in each currently running OS?
Asking if I can bypass current Ubuntu 20.04
issue that way. ( Seem very unlikely it would work )

Just noticed Disks icon on 16 is not same as on 20.04


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Where did you install gnome-disk-utility from.

Did you install from synaptic package manager.

Did you install from Ubuntu software which are snaps.

The best way to install software is by using synaptic package manager.

Open the terminal and copy and paste this command
sudo apt install synaptic
press enter and then enter your password and press enter again.
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