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can someone help me?
Hi @SCB, and welcome! We will help if we can. But you asked this question in the "Linux Security" forum... is your problem security related? If not, please open a new thread in one that will be more appropriate to your trouble. If you just need some help as a "new Linux user".... then the "Getting Started" forum is a good choice (click here). For other non-specific topics, the "General Linux" forum is a good choice (click here).

Please use the Title of your post to briefly describe your problem. That helps us to focus in on threads where we may be able to contribute, and also helps others searching for similar problems. Thanks!


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Hi SCB! What kind of help would you need?
Hi Dave... you might want to notice the dates that are shown below each post. When there's been no activity for months, as in this thread, it has usually been abandoned.

In some cases, depending on user preferences, you can also see when a user was last active (logged in) to the forum. If you click on @SCB's user name, it shows she was last active 3 months ago... so it's fairly clear that she posted her plea for help but never returned. That happens sometimes. :(



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We're happy you've chosen us, Patrick :)

But DO read the above, this is about Security.

If you go to near top left between Home and Members you'll see Forums. Don't just choose from the mouse-over smart tips, click Forums itself. You will see something like this

Scroll to the bottom and you will find Member Introductions, you can enter that and choose Post New Thread from the right and say Hi!

The one above it, which was Forum Assistance - there you can ask about any help you need in navigation of the site, using the toolbars, &c.


Chris Turner

Edited added BTW
BTW - Getting Started is where to go if you want to Post questions on LInux itself as in how to install.

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