New to Linux/Apache .. Any good "security" tutorials?


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Oct 7, 2023
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As the title states, I'm a complete noob. I managed to get my server up and running with Apache2, MySql and PHP. The problem is, it is wide open. I have read a few articles here and there and made a few changes. But I'm sure it's no way near enough to keep the 12 year old down the street out. Not that there is anything in there for anyone to feel proud about getting their hands on. I've done enough tinkering that I intend to do a fresh reinstall of Ubuntu, etc. as to not have something I did prior mess with what I need it to do now. Make sense?

All I NEED at this point, is to block access from the outside world completely. However, future plans are to allow me access from afar to update truck related business. I may also look into sending alerts from my home security system and possibly install an email client (undecided as yet)(and way uninformed!!!!).

So, does anyone care to recommend any good tutorials for hardening this thing??? I did a search which returned a ton of results. However, I have no idea which ones actually know what they're talking about versus think they know.
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All I NEED at this point, is to block access from the outside world completely.
Where is your server/vps hosted where your lamp(linux, apache, mysql,php) is running? In your homelan or did you rent a vps with a public ip?
It's a home pc/server
As long as you haven't done any port-forwarding in your home router no one will be able to access your web-server.
lol, if you know you are a bit ignorant, there is hope for you.

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