NFS + NTFS volumes using mountpoints and Linux


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Hi all, sorry it's my first threat in this site and I don't know if "General Linux" is the correct topic for this issue

I'm having very wierd experiences using NTFS Mountpoints (WS2016) and Linux (CentOS7)

I have a lot of volumes mounted using "mountpoints", for example, "logs" volume is a 500GB (NTFS) volume mounted (attached) in D:\Mountpoints\logs and shared using NFS.

I can mount this NFS using Linux with a standard command and it works well (without permission specifications)

mount -t /mnt/NFS/logs

however, when I create textfiles using Linux the files are created like this "ゾtest.txt" and permissions are a bit confused, when I try to modify this file, the file "dissapear" in Linux, but I can see it in Windows, without modifications, and if I create files using Windows, I can't see it using Linux.

If I create NFS using "driveletters" it works well, for example, If I create NFS shares inside F:\logs or G:\logs and mount in Linux using the same command: mount -t /mnt/NFS/logs

Please check the difference between the "mountpoint" for the volume

The problem persist if I try to mount the NFS using specific permissions or without permissions

someone had similar experiences using Windows mountpoints and Linux? Recommendations?