Post a screenshot of your Desktop


I just installed KDE Plasma on Ubuntu, and i had the most nerve-wracking experience ever, but now i love KDE Plasma...

So, i reboot, then on the partition, i'm met with this:


I'm like "what the flying f*ck?! This is the same type of keyboard layout for my smartphone! I'm gonna have to backup and erase this partition now!" , but then i realized typing my root password might work, and voila, i've fully switched to KDE full...the wierd login prompt is because i'm not using plasma.

I would love to show an image of my desktop now, but unfortunately my keyboard does not have print screen, i'll have to fix this over the next couple months. I now have the full customization wonders of KDE at my disposal, what an overwhelming thing to learn! It's funny how such an experience can be horrible but turn into the most amazing comfort...
On #764 I love it - @pepdebian should check that out, if he has not seen it.

On #767, @Bartman - I know that one, it's from Voyager.

Wish every day was Halloween, we get a pumpkin instead of Bart's butt.


On #767, @Bartman - I know that one, it's from Voyager.
It's actually the default background from LXLE 20.04 Focal.
Damn, I knew it was from one of my stable - I have LXLE 20.04 Focal.

Oh well.
With as many distros as you're running it can be hard to remember what background is from which distro. ;)
Here's a screenshot with the most beautiful woman in the galaxy and with all of the games I play. Yes, I play them all bc lately my gaming mood changes more often than that of a pregnant woman and while I'm "flying" on the streets of Bayview, I suddenly feel like flying in space. So I figured it would just be easier to install all of them and change the game according to my current mood. :D :D

my new fedora 37 beta desktop, not much customization yet


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Hi, I'm new here
I've been messing about with window managers lately which includes breaking them :'D
ATM I'm on Arcolinux using AwesomeWM

here's my current setup:

Still got some theme stuff to do, most of the bar is stock however I don't know much Lua
I enjoy a clean look <3
the best way to learn Linux, is to break it and have to fix it
Hi, I'm new here


We have an introductions sub-forum kicking around here somewhere, should you feel so inclined.

We always enjoy new folks who will participate well enough.
So clean, so pretty, and still just plain and simple PoP!_OS! Jealous? <3
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