Printer driver for Epson XP 245


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Jun 27, 2021
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I am using Linux Mint and cannot get my printer Epson XP 245 to work, the pages just come out blank, I have tried all sorts of drivers from Epson but I have been told that it will not work at all
Can anybody help or recommend a Linux that will support this printer

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Take a look at this.. it may help
you can also try :

and enter your printer model

after clicking link ,you get a choice of download files- click the one for deb eg see image. From
a terminal try entering this text.

sudo apt update
sudo apt search GDebi

GDebi will hel pyou install .deb files

give us the output of sudo apt search GDebi


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I have the same Printer...Epson XP-245 and is installed in Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 and 20.1.

Printers are not easy to install because they're designed to run in windoze :mad: but you can install them with a small amount of hair pulling.
Go to the link captain-sensible gave you and download the correct Driver, once downloaded...double click Deb and click...Install Package.

Before you download the Driver...plug in the Printer into the USB port, you'll see "searching for Drivers" at this point your Printer will be installed...if it works great but if a blank page comes out...install the above Driver.

Once the Driver is installed, go to Administration...Printers...delete the Printer you see. Click...Add and Re-install your Printer and Re-Boot...the Printer should now work. :)

Scanners are much harder to install and don't give the same results as they do in windoze, so I download both Drivers for my win 7 VM and scan from the also see the ink levels too. :)

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