Problem with update in battery status in Pop OS


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Sep 4, 2022
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So I just installed Pop OS the other day and wanted to change from Gnome to KDE. So I did and now my battery status is not updating unless i restart my laptop. I went in the bios and saw that it detects when im connected to AC and when I'm not. But when I boot up the OS doesnt get the status if the battery and it is stuck and a percent and when my battery drains it just powers off. I went back to gnome again and checked now it is stuck there too.
So what should I do now other than reinstalling?

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Sorry I can't help with your battery problem, but I will tell you the same as I told another new member who is having problems with Pop.
"Pop is NOT a full distribution although its based on Ubuntu, it is created especially by system 76 for its own built business computers so doesn't carry a full range of drivers and codecs, When it works out of the box it can be a good distribution, when it doesn't , it's a pain in the butt.."

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