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Dec 2, 2023
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We have configured a Redhat 9.1 linux VM, in which we have deployed an Oracle 19C container and we have provisioned the VM with 32 CPU and 80 GB RAM. When we run a procedure through oracle, a process starts and takes up 99% of one CPU's resource while the other CPU is idle. Can we always automatically distribute CPU load to available CPUs?

Last time I saw an Oracle application run it was done automatically you didn't have to do anything special for it if the application is written to run multi-core/cpu. According to what I found in the Redhat documentation that is still the case.
By default, processes can run on any CPU. However, by changing the affinity of the process, you can define a process to run on a predetermined set of CPUs. Child processes inherit the CPU affinities of their parents.
Otherwise you might and want to have a read here or contact Red Hat support or Oracle support.
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