Question about the PIA VPN.


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Nov 18, 2023
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I’m considering purchase the PIA VPN subscription, primarily it would be use with Debian 11.
Is it mandatory to install the PIA VPN client, or I can use the default OpenVPN package in Debian 11?
Is it possible to choose the country/state from which my traffic will be originated?

Any suggestion for different VPN provider?


PIA supports OpenVPN profiles, you can just download the profile and then import it within Gnome Network Manager.
Although I've read in more places than one that Wireguard is better than OpenVPN.
I use Mullvad VPN.
I have used PIA for over a year now and it's worked well for me.
You can choose from many servers around the world it will tell you which is currently the fastest if that is important.
Never had any problems with it. You do have to use sudo password to install it.

I hear proton vpn is also good but don't know the price.
I would stay clear of the free ones. They have been known to make money by selling your info.
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I've used Nord for ages. I mostly only use the browser extension, as I don't "need" anything more than that.

I'd maybe move on, but it works for me and I'm locked in at a brilliant price. I pay like $75 USD for two years of service.
I used PIA for probably 5-6 now, but mainly just on my mobile device the last several years.

That said, as noted. If you're going to use it. I would go with the Wireguard implementation. It's a substantially faster VPN implementation.

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