rsync from a remote server to a remote server

May 12, 2022
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Hello and merry xmas everyone.
As u know, rsync is a sophisticated backups tool and we may fall to a situation, very often that we may need to backup data from a server to another server.
In the case I want to do SSH operations between a few servers.
In the real situation, the server is going to run too short to be worth taking "security measures" such as creating SSH keys, and I think a good password will do.
However it can be very useful.
I want to know how to set the SSH keys to multiple servers so they can be connected and if someone here please tell me how to perform an "rsync multicast" to 2 or more servers?

I want to " rsync -e ssh <server #1>:<some path> <server#2>:<some path> -rzaP or -raP "
There's also a primitive way: ssh to server 1 and run a detached-from-terminal rsync command to do the job. but I thought there might be a better way.
Create an SSH key, from SSH client to server #1 and #2 , but I was thinking is it safe to copy the SSH private key to the servers and authorize them?
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